When a person has problems with uncontrollable sexual urges centered around activities, objects or situations that are not usually thought to be sexually stimulating, it may be one of several paraphilias. Exact symptoms will vary depending on the exact type of disorder present, but they generally are concerned with uncommon sexual desires or fantasies. The exact causes of these disorders are not known, but there are thought to be several physical and psychological causes that play a factor. Online therapy for paraphilias is available here at This new form of online treatment may be helpful, but before making that decision, here are some facts about paraphilias.

Types of Paraphilias

These are the common types of paraphilias that affect most people.

  • Exhibitionism - Compulsion to display genitals to an unsuspecting stranger.
  • Fetishism - Use of an inanimate object or specific part of the bod y for sexual satisfaction.    
  • Frotteurism - Deriving sexual pleasure from rubbing genitals on an unwilling partner.    
  • Pedophilia - When an adult has an abnormal sexual preference for children.   
  • Sexual Masochism - Receiving sexual pleasure from pain, suffering, or humiliation. 
  • Sexual Sadism - Receiving sexual pleasure from administering pain and humiliation on other people. 
  • Transvestic Fetishism - Someone who is sexually aroused by wearing, fondling, or seeing clothing of the opposite sex. 
  • Voyeurism - When sexual pleasure is derived from watching others engaged in sexual activity or seeing the genitals of others while being hidden.    
  • Unspecified Paraphilia - When there are symptoms from two or more of the other types of paraphilias, it is diagnosed as unspecified paraphilias.

Causes of Paraphilias 

The exact nature of these disorders is not known, but the causes are thought o be physical and psychological in nature. On the physical side, testosterone is thought to play a large role in whether or not this sexual disorder becomes a problem. On the emotional side, trauma - including sexual abuse during childhood - is thought to be one of the other major causes of these sexual disorders appearing in a person's life. For most, the problem starts in adolescence and continues into adulthood. Many will also show signs of other disorders, particularly those that are classified as obsessive compulsive. ADHD in childhood is another possible cause of problems with paraphilias later in life.

Symptoms and Dangers of Paraphilias 

Depending on the exact disorder present, there may be various physical and psychological indicators of a problem. Some will appear as physical symptoms, including possible bruises or other marks left for someone into sexual masochism to a secret stash of female clothes for someone suffering from transvestic fetishism. Other indicators of this disorder may appear as emotional problems or trouble with the law over sexual activities. Before the symptoms get out of hand and the problem gets worse, getting the appropriate treatment is recommended. If not treated, paraphilias can lead to serious consequences, including time in prison.

Treatment for Paraphilias 

Some may not think they have a problem while others may be embarrassed to talk about it. For both of these types of people, we offer online therapy here at that can help someone get the treatment they need thanks to the Internet. You can book online therapy sessions with trained therapists who specialize in paraphilias. They can offer information and guidance that can make the disorder a little easier to deal with. Even if you don't go with online treatment here at, seeking help is important if a paraphilias is diagnosed.

Definition of Paraphilias

A sexual dysfunction is a problem that occurs at any point of sexual activity and causes difficulties. Treatment for sexual disorders should include therapy anParaphilias are problems with uncontrollable sexual urges, desires as well as behaviors that center around uncommon sexual activities, objects, or situations that most do not find sexually stimulating. Psychotherapy is recommended for treatment of various paraphilias.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Paraphilias

  • Exposure of genitals in public to strangers
  • Sexual fantasies revolving around rubbing against a non-consenting person
  • Sexual fantasies about giving or receiving pain for sexual gratification
  • Strong sexual urges or compulsions
  • Sexual fantasies, desires, or urges that cause a problem in relationships
  • Illegal sexual activity
  • Use of inanimate objects for sexual gratification

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