Pain Disorder

Pain disorder is a common somatoform disorder that affects many different types of people. Symptoms include pain that cannot be diagnosed that lasts for several months. Dangers associated with this disorder include a person becoming unable to function in society, having problems with work, relationships, and various other activities. There are other risks involved as well, but the good news is that the online therapy for pain disorder is available from therapists on and may be able to help. Before showing how treatment might be right for you, here is some more about pain disorder.

Symptoms of Pain Disorder 

Usually, the pain is so bad that a person is unable to function in day to day life, even though there is no physical cause of the pain. The psychological nature of this disorder can make it hard to see the symptoms, but in general they center around chronic pain that cannot be diagnosed medically. The exact pain and location of the pain may vary during the course of the disorder, but there will never be an actual physical cause of the pain. If these symptoms appear, pain disorder may be the cause. If it is, there are many serious dangers that come with this somatoform disorder.

Dangers of Pain Disorder 

One of the risks associated with pain disorder is that a person might seek treatment or cures that they don't need because the pain isn't real. Another danger is that a person may become addicted to medication if they try to self-medicate their imagined problems after being told repeatedly by doctors that nothing is wrong. This substance abuse has many complications for the situation as well. These dangers make pain disorder a serious problem.

Treatment for Pain Disorder 

While some doctors may say that pain disorder is not a serious concern, we believe in helping treat the psychological problems that cause pain disorder to appear. Using online therapy, we combine trained therapists with the Internet to help people here at Participating in an online forum is another important aspect of treatment because it allows people to get emotional support from other people who are going through or have gone through pain disorder. This combination is a powerful way to get help with all that comes with pain disorder, no matter where you are thanks to the Internet.

Definition of Pain Disorder

rather than actual medical conditions. While the exact cause of this disorder is not known, it is thought to be psychological in nature. Because of this, therapy and counseling are two good options to help with treatment of pain disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Pain Disorder

  • Chronic pain that lasts for several months
  • Pain that limits a person's activities

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