Other Eating Disorders

Beyond the  common eating disorders that you have heard of before, there are others that affect people as well. While some of them may fall under the umbrella of the other three types of eating disorders, these are eating disorders that you should watch out for if you or someone you know has strange eating habits or has complained of problems with their stomach, throat, or mouth.

Rare but Dangerous Eating Disorders:

  • Trichophagia - This is used to describe for people who crave eating hair and ingest quite a bit of it, leading to stomach problems.
  • Orthorexia nervosa - Not everyone may agree that this is an eating order, but it was coined by Steven Bratman, MD, and deals with people who are overly concerned with eating healthy.
  • Geophagia - This eating disorder centers around people who eat soil.
  • Pica disorder - People who are drawn to and eat inanimate objects are said to suffer from this eating disorder.

Other Uncommon Eating Disorders

The above four examples are not an extensive list of the other eating disorders that affect some people. From eating feces to trying to eat sharp objects, there are quite a few other extreme eating disorders that have been given names over the years. While some of these may seem crazy and weird, it is important to realize that these people have a problem.

Getting Help With Your Eating Disorder

If you are afflicted by an abnormal eating disorder, it is vital that you get some outside help. The chances of successfully stopping your bad eating habits depends on getting therapy with someone who has been trained to help deal with a wide variety of eating disorders. There are many different options for people who want to get some help with their eating disorder - no matter what it is. For those who want to save some money or get help from the comfort of their home, online therapy for eating disorders is a smart way to get some help.

Definition of Other Eating Disorders

Beyond the official medical designations of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder, an eating disorder could be defined as abnormal eating habits. Something as simple as preferring peanut butter on toast instead of butter or having picky tastes isn't considered an eating disorder. Rather, eating disorders are usually marked by extreme eating habits - either eating too much, eating too little, or eating a lot then "purging" the food.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Other Eating Disorders

  • Unwillingness to eat in front of other people
  • Damage to the stomach
  • Problems with throat or even the mouth.

Get help with Other Eating Disorders

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