Manic Depression

Manic depression is a serious mental illness that is more commonly known as bipolar disorder.  People with this mood disorder go through two distinct periods - depression and mania. Both of these parts of manic depression are difficult to deal with, which is why treatment is so important. The dangers of manic depression are numerous because of the two extreme emotional states that people with the mental illness go through. Today, online therapy exists that can help with manic depression. Before we show you how you can find therapists here on who can help, here are some other facts about manic depression.

Symptoms of Manic Depression 

These are some of the common signs for manic depression.

  • Mood swings - from depression to anger and mania - are common symptoms of manic depression.
  • Trouble sleeping may include sleeping too little when experiencing mania or sleeping too much when experiencing depression. 
  • An increased sense of self-worth during periods of mania is another sign of manic depression.

As you can see, some of these symptoms are the same for depression and mania. In manic depression, symptoms of both are going to appear. This is just one reason this mental disorder is so dangerous.

Dangers of Manic Depression 

When it comes to manic depression, dangers exist to the person who has the mental illness as well as all the people around them. From health issues brought on by the periods of mania to suicidal thoughts (or even attempts) during depression, there are many real risks to manic depression. Because of these negative situations that might arise, it is important to carefully consider treatment for manic depression.

Treatment for Manic Depression 

Psychotherapy is one way to help with manic depression. On, you can find therapists who know all the symptoms of manic depression and, more important, how to help. The online therapy offered by the professionals here on, is a powerful way to learn more about manic depression while getting help and support at the same time. Dealing with manic depression is not an easy (or quick) task, but with the right therapy and counseling, a more normal life is possible for people who suffer from this mood disorder.

Definition of Manic Depression

Manic depression is a mental illness that is also known as bipolar disorder. A person affected suffers from periods of extreme depression followed by brief periods of mania. Symptoms of manic depression include irritability, violent mood swings, sleep problems, as well as other physical and mental problems. Treatment for manic depression is possible with therapy and counseling.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Manic Depression

  • Mood swings
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Talkativeness
  • Depression
  • Mania

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