When a person believes that physical symptoms (which may actually exist) are a sign of a serious, life threatening illness but no medical diagnosis supports that belief, hypochondriasis may be the cause. The source of this disorder is not known, but there are many treatment options available that can help with all aspects of hypochondriasis. Here at GoMentor.com, you can find therapists who offer online therapy for hypochondria that includes counseling. Before getting to how that may be helpful, here is some other information on hypochondriasis and why it is dangerous when not diagnosed or treated correctly.

Symptoms of Hypochondriasis 

The symptoms of hypochondriasis will vary from person to person, but they generally center around a belief that there is a serious mental illness present, even when medical tests show otherwise. In addition, a preoccupation with sickness and getting sick may also point to a problem with this somatoform disorder. A sign that it may be hypochondriasis is if the symptoms shift when tests show that one illness is not present. Overly vague or detailed symptoms are also indicators of hypochondriasis. If the signs of this disorder are ignored or not taken seriously, complications may arise.

Dangers of Hypochondriasis 

When a hypochondriac gives up on medical help and stays away from health care professionals after being repeatedly told that there is nothing wrong with them, it can lead to serious health problems down the road. Another risk is that a person with hypochondria will suffer from substance abuse if they try to self-medicate to deal with their perceived or real symptoms. There is also the chance of financial problems brought on by repeated doctor visits and expensive medical tests. There are other risks associated with this disorder as well, which is why treatment is so important if the symptoms are seen.

Treatment for Hypochondriasis 

Hypochondria is a psychological problem, even if real physical symptoms exist. Because of this, it is important to utilize psychotherapy. On GoMentor.com, you can book online therapy sessions with trained therapists available online whenever they are needed. Online treatment for hypochondriasis is relatively new, but it is a good way to get the information, guidance, and support that is needed to deal with this disorder. With the real risk of dangers associated with hypochondriasis, treatment should be priority if it is diagnosed.

Definition of Hypochondriasis

Hypochondriasis is a belief that physical symptoms (real or imagined) are signs of a serious illness. This belief persists even when medical tests show otherwise. Treatment including therapy and counseling is helpful when dealing with hypochondriasis.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Hypochondriasis

  • Belief lasts for more than six months
  • No physical cause of the symptoms or pain
  • Preoccupation with fear of illnesses
  • Shifting of symptoms and pains
  • Either really specific or really vague symptoms

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