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Hallucinogens Intoxication

Hallucinogens Intoxication

The effects of hallucinogens on the brain has been well documented over the years. Signs of hallucinogen intoxication include hallucinations, tremors, an increased heart rate, and dilated pupils. While the hallucinations are fun for some, there are real dangers associated with intoxication by hallucinogens. From problems brought on by right away when intoxicated - trouble with the law or doing dangerous things that may get you hurt - to long term problems there is quite a bit to worry about. There is a good risk that continued use of hallucinogens can lead to an addiction and abuse. Treatment is possible if you see any of the following signs or symptoms of continued hallucinogen intoxication.

Signs of Hallucinogens Intoxication

These are some of the more common signs that someone is intoxicated by hallucinogens of some sort.

  • Changes in perception of reality and hallucinations are commonly experienced by people during intoxication by hallucinogens.
  • A rapid heart rate and high blood pressure are also signs of hallucinogens intoxication.

Dangers of Hallucinogens Intoxication

In the short term, there is a risk that intoxication by hallucinogens will cause a person to do something stupid that will end up with them getting hurt. Also, there's a chance of permanent brain damage when hallucinogens are abused. These are just a couple of the major dangers that you can face when using hallucinogenic substances. If you have tried hallucinogens before and are starting to freak out about long term damage, it may be time to look into getting treatment for the effects of hallucinogen intoxication.

Treatment for Hallucinogens Intoxication

Certain sedatives can have a calming effect on people who are experiencing extreme intoxication by hallucinogens, but more important is the long term treatment of the root cause of the problem. An addiction to hallucinogens has the tendency to creep up on people. Treatment for flashbacks are one area that quite a few people seek help with.We know how terrifying it can be to face hallucinogens persisting perception disorder alone. On GoMentor.com you can find skilled therapists who offer online therapy that is specialized to help with the side effects of long term intoxication by hallucinogens.

Definition of Hallucinogens Intoxication

Hallucinogens intoxication occurs when a hallucinogen such as LSD has an effect on the chemistry of the brain, altering the perception of reality. While it may be slightly euphoric for some, there are other symptoms of intoxication by hallucinogens that are not as good. From hallucinations to psychological problems with paranoia to health problems, there are many negative side effects to hallucinogen intoxication.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Hallucinogens Intoxication

  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Rapid heart rate

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Susie Hudson
Susie Hudson
West Yorkshire Coach , Counsellor/Therapist Book session View profile
My approach is integrative and I draw on my skills as is most appropriate and beneficial for the individual client and includes CBT techniques, Stress Management, Brief Solution Focussed Therapy and Mindfulness.
Henck Van Bilsen
Henck Van Bilsen
Hertford Psychologist Book session View profile
Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Personality Problems or Eating Disorders, I can teach YOU to become your own best therapist.
Face2face session in the UK and Portugal.
Telephone/video conference sessions worldwide.
Gabrielle Korstaran
Gabrielle Korstaran
Tyne And Wear Counsellor/Therapist Book session View profile
My name is Gabrielle Korstaran and I am a qualified Homeopath, Counsellor and EFT practitioner.
Lena Fenton
Lena Fenton
Counsellor/Therapist , Psychotherapist Book session View profile
Couples Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals.
Also specialist in Counselling for Childhood Sexual Abuse.
Denise Tanner
Denise Tanner
Sheerness Hypnotherapist , Counsellor/Therapist Book session View profile
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself, I am Denise Tanner, (MASC) a Professional Relaxation Therapist, Curative Hypnotherapist (BSYA), and Reiki Practictioner.
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