Couples therapist

Couples therapistWhat is a couples therapist?

When you have relationship problems or just want to prepare yourself on how to deal with future challenges, couples therapy can be very helpful. When it concerns a personal or private relation, as when you're in a relationship, it is important you feel comfortable with your therapist. At we have many different therapists related who can help you with couples therapy regardless of what issues you and your partner are struggling with.

How a couples therapist can help you

A couples therapist is working with couples who wish help to make the relationship work better - typically in relation to relationship problems. It can concern communication problems or sexual issues where couselling can endow you with the right tools to help you process your problems, both before and during the relationship. Couples therapy is suitable for couples who want to prepare themselves better on dealing with problems that may arise during the relationship. It can also be rewarding if a couple breaks up as both partners will be prepared better to handle the following emotional downturns.

A relationship in crisis can be caused by:

  • Betrayal
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of or dead sexlife
  • A desire on the one to change the other
  • Abuse or addiction problems (alcohol, drugs, gambling, work etc.)
  • Money
  • Fighting
  • Boredom
  • Problems with the children
  • Upbringing - Disagreement about raising the children

Wether you're a newly minted couple or you have been together for a long time and suddenly are experiencing problems, couples therapy can be very helpful. Depending on your situation a couples therapist can give you or both of you specific tools and advises on how to improve the relationship, restore the spark or help you get through a break up in the best possible way. In other words, a couples therapist can be a good sparring partner who can help you couples moving forward, together or seperately.

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